Lord Elyudinn Delmirev

The powerful and respected king of Cypress.


The Lord of Silver, King of the Hinterlands, Mountain-blessed King Elyudinn Delmirev. Lord Delmirev is the High King of Cypress. He is the wise and sensible leader of the most powerful nation in the world. In between the war, his country, and his unruly seven children, Elyudinn’s attention is pulled in a quite a many different ways.

King Delmirev was known in his early life for being an excellent knight, but also a budding sorcerer. He trained obsessively for many years in order to unlock his true dragon potential. As a result, he now possesses a pair of majestic wings.

His children include:

  • Abusham: Articulate and flowery eldest son. Enjoys the pageantry of royalty more than the responsibility.
  • Abulera: Serious and disinterested daughter
  • Elnar: Pious second son, only interested in guiding the kingdom into spiritual enlightenment.
  • Edola: Boisterious middle child.
  • Sumada:
  • Sivash:
  • Dahga: Youngest child, social, curious, and brave.

Lord Elyudinn Delmirev

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