Tag: Cypress


  • Rasved

    Massive fortress city that has become the kingdom’s center of trade. While originally a military base, decades of peace have encouraged the growing merchant class spread throughout every inch of the city. At the start of the war, the crown starts …

  • Ozeron


    Beautiful resort town that overlooks Soplya Lake. During the summer, many wealthy citizens of Cypress flock here for the warm weather and gorgeous sights.

  • Goldtail University

    Arcane academy named after a supposed serpent that lives in Soplya Lake. Despite the town's laid back resort atmosphere, the college tries its best to remain competitive and prove that it's not just a place for people to relax.


  • Snow Dragons (Odukiin)

    Hailing from the cold mountains and tundra of Cypress are the special dragonborn variant, Odukiin, commonly known as Snow Dragons. 

    Odukiin possess dark scales and thick white fur, but have the innate traits of

  • Placid

    Major Ingall harbor that was the first to fall during the war. The occupying forces have had their hands full suppressing the rebels 

    White Ward: Central district overlookin the harbor featuring mostly civil …