Tag: Ingall


  • Sazoon Temple Incident

    In the early summer of 4927AR, a grandiose explosion leveled a whole city and surrounding region, leaving a massive crater. The incident sparked the weakening relationship between Ingall an Cypress into full war. Very few people know the cause of …

  • Sand Dragons (Klokiin)

    Hailing from the sands of Ingall, the Klokiin are a lithe and powerful variant of Dragonborn. Other humanoids refer to them as Sand Dragons.

    Klokiin take on traits of blue and copper dragonborn. Their scales are often a striking mix of …

  • Placid

    Major Ingall harbor that was the first to fall during the war. The occupying forces have had their hands full suppressing the rebels 

    White Ward: Central district overlookin the harbor featuring mostly civil …