Nation dominated by chilly weather and a foreboding mountain range. Features a strong population of Dragonkin, including a subset called Snow Dragons. Cypress has always been an incredibly rich and powerful nation, partially due to its guidance from the dragons. It’s residents are always at the cutting edge of magic. Many dragonborn from Cypress are born especially gifted in magic. Cypress has been a superpower for nearly 400 years.

Silvrador: Massive arboreal province of Cypress. Most of the province is rich in natural resources, such as wood and minerals. In recent times, new industrial settlements are encroaching on the natural inhabitants of this region, causing a lot of distress for the province.

Vulwood: Dense and dark forest that stretches most of the way between Rasved and Soplya Lake. A massive portion of the center, the Morel Grove, is covered on every surface with strange and dark fungus. Very few people dare to go that deep.

Feykro: City outside the Vulwood known for it's incredible woodcrafts guild. This great series of workshops crafts stylish furniture for the wealthier homes of Cypress.

Fort Bluedawn: Fortress that guards the border between Cypress and Ingall. 

Rasved: Massive fortress city that sits high on top of a cliff. It's vicinity to Ingall, plus it's formidable southern defenses, make it and excellent staging point for the war.

Ozeron: Great city overlooking Soplya Lake. This is a major vacation destination for the wealthy of Cypress in summer, even with the war.

Hostrodar: Capitol city of the empire. Much like Adalsteinn, this city is built onto a mountain. Hostrodar has SEVERAL prestigious magic academies, both for wizardry and sorcery

First Dragon Bank One of three cities in the world that have a branch.

Hamutel's Citadel: Immense temple/palace to the dragon god of justice, Hamutel. 

Crystal Canyon: Royal protected lands of icicle-drenched waterfalls and ice poppy meadows. This beautiful stretch of land leads up to the Silver Dragon’s Temple

Hall of Rest: Tomb of the royal family, hidden high in the mountains. All past kings of Cypress have their dead bodies frozen in enchanted ice. It is believed their spirits add power to the mountain. Many tombs are enchanted to reanimate the king if its tomb is disturbed.

Frozen Heart: Temple built in one of the coldest places in the world. This holy place is constantly battered by winds from Aborel. Many Snow Dragons consider it a holy challenge to meditate for days in the frozen temple, enduring the brutal winds passing through. It is here that the leaders of Cypress meet with their Silver Dragon advisers.

Arcane Factories: Facilities where arcrystals are made. Cypress has perfected the technique of charging special stones with raw magical power, to be consumed by other devices (such as airships). Cypress employs whole factories full of mages who do nothing but charge arcrystals. Many students from the academy who don't produce impressive research go on to work in the “magic mines”.


Sand and Snow Tuna