Hamutel (LG): Primary deity of Cypress and metallic dragons, regarded as the purest and most powerful aspect of LG. Hamutel demands order, justice, and peace, in that order. Hamutel is regarded as the patron of dragons. His festival in Cypress is Dec 21st.

Nova (NG): Goddess of the sun, in charge of beginnings, fire, and life. She was essential to defeating the Great Beast near the dawn of civilization. They hold a festival every June 21st to celebrate that victory.

Zanfyre (CG): God of joy, masks, and drinking. Zanfyre is commonly represented as a man trying on many animal masks. He is a patron of the arts and festivals. In particular, there is a full weekend of celebrations at the end of May called Zanthrokon, featuring masquerades and sports contests.

Veru (LN): Goddess of logic, reason, and math.

Derago (N): Mother Earth, spirit of mountains and nature. Believed the be the deity that created the earth and filled it with life.

The Quiet One (N): Deity of death. His holiday is on Dec 31st, a great big festival celebrating life in spite of respect for the inevitable. While death eventual comes to all life, he sometimes gets the dates wrong.

Eydes (CN): God of change, wild hair, and and wild fashion. Eydes is the patron of the avant-garde and the restless. They have been known to challenge mortals to incredible and dangerous dance battles.

Zokuthon (LE): Terrifying prince of fear and domination. Zokuthon delights in watching others suffer and using fear to control people. Zokuthon used to be he brother of the Goddess of Beauty, but was twisted by a horrifying nightmare into the monster he is today. Zokuthon is represented as a looming dark knight punctured by spikes on his various limbs.

Vokun (NE): God of shadows, sadness, and gravity. The Brooding Prince.

Lamashtu (CE): Goddess of corruption and monsters. She delights in watching others suffer and transform. She takes disfigured and crippled mortals shunned by society into her fold so she may transform form them into servants.


Gel (LE): God of wealth, trade, and trickery. It is said that in the beginning of civilization, Gel appeared to humanity and introduced money and greed to them.

Desna (CG): Goddess of stars, travel, and dreams. Her fanbase has waned over time, so she is not as powerful as she once was. She is mostly worshipped through small passing blessings at roadside wayshrines.

Restra (LG): Lesser known and obscure aspect of the god of justice, focusing on joy through pain, consent, and trials. Restra asks all of her followers to find their limits and push through them, so that they may find greater purpose in life. She glorifies pain and struggle, but emphasizes personal authority when evaluating said struggles. To violate consent is a grave sin.

Laleh (CG): Ancient muse exclusive to Ingall. While she is believed to have departed from this world, she is still invoked as a source of inspiration and artistry. It is said that she created the Rainbow Mountains in Ingall.

Citruboulon (N): God of lemon squares and…not much else. Bakers pray to him for insights on making the perfect lemon squares. Very few people know this, but Citruboulon accidentally became a god through using the Stone of Wonder. A distracted thought ruined the ritual and gave him divine powers for one random specific thing.

The Green Goat (LG): Patron of the Elgry, god of tradition, family, and farming.


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