Massive fortress city that has become the kingdom’s center of trade. While originally a military base, decades of peace have encouraged the growing merchant class spread throughout every inch of the city. At the start of the war, the crown starts demanding some of the castle space back. Tension has been growing between the military and the actively governing body.

Kezro’s Wall: Original walls from back when Rasved was a major fortress city. Through times of peace, the various garrisons got converted into merchant store rooms. Now that the war has started, the crown is asking for that space back.

Silver Gate: Great decorative gate filling a massive ravine. It is one of the first sights you see upon entering Cypress from Ingall.

Gold Corridor: Twisty jungle of alleyways that goes up, down, and all around. Several days of the week, the alleyways transform into a densely packed bazaar fighting for space among the lush summer trees.

Airship Dock: Now that the war is underway, civilian airship travel is limited and very expensive. Every day, ships bring in wave after wave of Cypressian soldiers. The docks are not a welcoming place to be right now.

The Civil District: Most of the city’s civic buildings, forums, courthouses, and temples lay in this cliff-side district overlooking the border. The Office of City Peace is directly hiring mercenaries from all over to assist with the war effort.

The Comfy Clam: Homely inn on the northern outskirts of Rasved, owned by a lesbian Dwarf and Human couple named Dolin and Gwen

Oviparmery: This back-alley deli serves the obscure delicacy of sandwiches injected with fresh dire wasp eggs.


Sand and Snow Tuna