Nation dominated by a great desert range. Features a high population of dragonborn called Sand Dragons. Also features a high population of Ratkin, gnomes, and elves.

Dunar: Capitol of Ingall. Similar to Rasved, most of the city is set on top of a massive plateau, overlooking the desert, plains, and ocean. It has incredible defenses and great access to trade from Sealoft.

Placid: Northernmost city in Ingall, very recent now part of the Cypressian empire.

Hadra: Small town south of Placid that runs a major sandship station. Since the onset of the war, the town has been frantically busy assembling directing military traffic. Because of recruitment, regular guard duty has been slacking, allowing crimes to prevail in poorly watched areas.

Saffron: Great trade city that sits on the border between the desert and plains. The Antlion Armada shipyard is stationed here.

Chroma: Province encompassing the Chroma mountain range and Rainbow Basin. The region is a huge tourist attraction and exports a lot of colored glass. Primary hold is Durv, a sweltering city full of glass factories

Rainbow Basin: At the end of every wet season, the multicolored mountainside erodes into the desert, filling it with a swirl of colors

Temple of Laleh: Immense dilapidated temple at the top of the Chroma Mountains, believed to have been built by the muse herself. This ancient ruin of painstakingly elaborate stone work is a favorite destination for artists and musicians on pilgrimages of self discovery. They come to pray to the Stone of Inspiration, a large monolith believed to grant creative insights to all who kneel before it.

Balsh:  Bustling seaside city that facilitates a lot of trade between Ingall and Solomon. Balsh has the strategic importance of being the closest airship port to Dunar

Berang Wastelands: Great wasteland that was once a beautiful plain, decimated by the destruction of Grimmsalam.

Grimmsalam: 700 hundred years ago, this was a thriving city of unparalleled magical power…then it wasn't. To this day the ruins still smolder, discouraging anyone from exploring the wreckage. Some say the city itself traps visitors inside its winding walls, leaving them to die in the labyrinthine blaze.

Idora: Province named after Shajun Idoroth, encompassing Sand Sapphire, and the Lightning Wastes. Center of Klokiin culture.


Sand and Snow Tuna